User object identification.

I’m trying to figure out if there is a way for an Admin to link users to objects. Lets say I wanted to know which player built a wall, is there a way to do that? I’ve tried almost every command I can think of. My server Isn’t modded.

Placed objects in Rust have no concept of ownership. When you place a wall, it’s simply a wall, it doesn’t know it belongs to you. Same with doors; a door is a door. If you lock it and hold the key, now it’s your door. If you die and lose the physical key, or someone guesses your keycode for a code lock, it’s not your door, or your house, anymore.

Because so much of the intended building system hasn’t been added to the game yet, the current state of building is pretty unbalanced and rough, and this resulted in the tool cupboard being added to establish a zone of control as a temporary measure (until the system can be fleshed out and debugged). The tool cupboard prevents building griefing like slapping a wall an inch away from the only door out of your base, and it’s the only way to establish ownership.

Without modifying your server (and I don’t know if there even are plugins that do specifically what you want as their primary function), it’s not possible.