User Say Variable in Chat command

Alright so I’m having trouble with a command to make the user say in chat.
Right now i have this.

ply:ConCommand( “say Help Please.” )

but I want a variable to be posted in there.

The Variable is made when a button is clicked, my variable “v.PrintName”

Why do i want to post it as the user is saying it in chat? It will then be logged with Blogs and that’s the outcome i need.
Any help would be appreciated!

Uhh [lua]ply:ConCommand( "say " … stringVar )[/lua] ?
Bceause if this is all you need I’d suggest Googling before making a thread

I’d recommend using

Player:Say as well.

Sorry i did google, for about 2 hours and couldnt find the answer i was looking for and didnt realize that i could do … stringvar after it like that. Thought there was some other command i was skimming over or something.

concommand was just an easy fix so i used it.