User suggestion - Rust character specialization

Hi there,
i really appreciate your work on this game and i`d like to give my help with a suggestion about rust classes.
The idea is quite simple, when u enter in a game server for the first time after a wipe you can choose your specialization.
(another way to do that could be to create some specific items droppable ingame, they could be used like blueprint to learn a specialization).
Here there are 4 specialization i thought till now:

  • Architect -> Building cost reduction
  • Engeneer -> Items crafting cost reduction
  • Survivor -> More loot from gathering trees, ore and animals
  • Soldier -> dmg reduction/more hp
    I red something about specialization proposal and i thought to give my point of view could be nice,
    ty and gj

Bad idea. It limits in what a player can do too much.

How? I do not know how it limits anything…its not like its making it harder for you to do something. With that said the suggested “classes” most will take the resource gathering one anyways so…

I’m not sure I like his idea but it would be kind of nice to add some uniqueness to a game character.

Required reading when proposing adding enforced structures to Rust.

It does. It makes it harder for me to do anything my class can’t do well. This isn’t an mmo. Why limit players like this?

Ah, I see, you think if you do not get the same reward, benefit or ability as another player you are being punished, yet you have an ability that another player does not have. If we are all at one base line now and one person gets one ability and you get another, you’ve lost nothing. Nothing has “gotten harder”. You can not do anything well when offline while other players are on, how does the game developers solve that limitation?

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I guess you do not think its a structure that prevents your naked from being any different than any other naked in the game. Do not get me wrong, I like this aspect to a certain degree but to pretend this idea does not give more choices and freedom is kind of keeping your head in the sand about this game being about “freedom”. This game is about fighting oppression or attempted oppression with ingenuity.

It has. It limits me to do what I want and forces me to do what my role dictates. What if I want to build but I am disadvantaged since I’m not an architect? And next I want to craft items but I’m not engineer so I loose out again.

This is some mmo type crap. It makes no sense in rust. I also hate classes in mmos, what if I want to use a sword one time but an axe another time? Why can’t I? Balance reasons in mmos, but in rust this sort of balance is too constricting and limiting.

I want to spawn and do whatever I want or whatever I can for the resources I got, not do what my class does and suffer a downgrade in all other areas.

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First time I hear this nonsense. What?

No it doesn’t. Take the health one. You still gather resources at the same rate as you did before. Seems you did not even read my post.

I did, it’s junk. It gives advantages in various areas to various people. Why? What’s the point? What good does it accomplish? Nah, I think artificial game roles like that do not fit Rust. There are a few servers that have similar mods to what you said and they’re not very good.

Rust is anarchy. In times of anarchy groups will form in order to be more secure. Some of these groups will resort to nefarious tactics to achieve this goal while largely targeting smaller, weaker targets in order to better their position. This is the epitome of oppression. People confuse anarchy with freedom and its anything but. They do not really understand total freedom can not really exist and it def does not exist in Rust.

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So? It still does not limit you. Are you now shifting your main point of contention to not liking other players having advantages? Maybe we should stop people from playing together because they have an advantage that solo players do not. (facetious)

just to clarify july, the classes provide a bonus to certain skills, but do not provide a debuff to any skills as balancer. technically no disadvantage is imposed, just you may not have the same advantages as another player.

billy, the reason it’s detrimental is based on the fact that another player has an advantage = i have a disadvantage comparatively.

either way, i’m not convinced on rust needing skill levels etc. skill levels remain after death, and one of the amazing things about rust is that you can literally be leveled back to the starting point with a single raid, or become a kevlar covered god by rocking a guy who wasn’t expecting it who was moving house with all of his resources. i’d hate to see things become too safe, and skills seem safe.

Skills could work OK if they resulted from related in-game play, and had some mechanism for losing them. A skill system could also replace the BP system (which is essentially a skill/unlock system with a different name). So if you build lots of stones axes, maybe you can make them faster, but if you stop making them (because, say, you’ve moved on to metal axes), you slowly lose that skill.

But nothing that lets you assign skill points or pick a class–it should evolve from actual gameplay.

I still do not think its a good argument against. To be clear I’m not sold on them either but to say one player is advantaged or disadvantage because they have different abilities is a stretch. I’d like to hear a good argument against as the ones presented so far are not very good.

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I do not like the idea of having to hit stone to get good at hitting stone. Its not like hitting stone is all that hard to do that you magically pick up the ability to get more stone. It makes more sense to find better equipment to increase the payoff of resources.

I think RPG-style skills don’t belong in Rust, and that includes “class” style specializations.

I think it should take a page from Star Citizen’s design: anyone will be able to do anything (in terms of “being the right class” for a role or ability) and success is determined by player skill, not some arbitrary stat that says you are 15% more efficient at harvesting cave bear anuses than a fresh spawn.

I think any bonuses to activities should be provided by gear; you can take more hits if you’re in armor, not because you’re a beefy class; you can resist the elements better because you have clothing on, not because you’re a survivalist class; you harvest faster because you’re using the right tools, not because you’re a level 6 miner; you can build a solid base with defenses because you harvested the resources and crafted the pieces, not because you’re a level 8 engineer and you just unlocked the ability to place codelockd.

Every Newman should have equal base stats, and let player skill and equipment choices decide the rest.

Me neither. By character “skill” I’m talking crafting progression, a possible alternative to BPs. Once the item is crafted, it should be up to the player’s skill to make it work.

there was talk o the dev blog ages ago of using certain clothing for buffing. so for example, an overall for crafting, farming type clothes for farming etc etc. Sorry but I don’t agree with the RPG element either