User.Txt Admin Doesn't Work

Hi, I’m trying to add myself as admin, but it doesn’t let me.

“superadmin” //This is a user group. Groups are useful to LUA coders.
“darkpivot” “STEAM_*********” //To be the server admin, your Steam ID should go here

That’s what the part of the user.txt looks like. Obviously with the real steam id :P. I decided to block it just in case, I don’t know what people can do with a steam id besides banning and stuff if there is anything.

Anyway, I add myself in the user.txt, but if I try and pull out an admin weapon, it says that I can’t because I’m not an admin, and I can’t add other users either. Please help me.


Oh no, I posted my SteamID. Now my Steam account will get hacked.

SteamIDs cannot be used for anything other than:

Identifying a player ingame (SteamIDs are unique)
Converting to be able to view their Steam profile

What admin mod are you using?

Oh okay. I’m using Ass Mod with Evolution.

You need to run some command through rcon. I think it’s “ass_setowner” and your userid. You can see that in “status”

ive had this same problem but i was never able to figure out how to get rcon to work (im not good at that sort of stuff)

Okay thanks, I’ll try that.

Edit: Nope, it didn’t work. No such command. The problem is that it’s not recognizing me as an admin over all, so that I can get admin weapons and admin only entities.

For assmod its called “ass_giveownership <username>” Although assmod is unstable, just so you know…

I have never had problems with Assmod, but I think I’m going to try Ulx again.

ulx’s command is ulx adduser <yourname> but you have to be on the server first.