usermessage/net_graph 5 var on your server(s)?

I wonder what your var: value is in net_graph 5(console command) in average on your server, with how many players?
What value can be expected with like, 30 players on sandbox without addons(bots doesn’t give an accurate representation because props/weapons/ents etc)
Please input your value, gamemode, player count and map(?).

On my DarkRP server with 37 players it’s around ~25 average, while it’s not really noticable lag, it’s not a good amount as far as I am aware and I’m trying to improve it. edit: evocity_v33x
But I’m curious what can be expected.

Can I see your net_graph 5?

this is with 27 players:

And what is the CPU usage? Check using stats with rcon.

Is this 15msec constant or is it just spiking? A DarkRP server with 40 players shouldn’t see more then 2-3msec var.

CPU In (KB/s) Out (KB/s) Uptime Map changes FPS Players Connects
98.53 79.08 302.44 1156 1 20.17 30 266

I am very uncertain what could cause it, if it’s supposed to be 2-3 :o unless it’s vehicle related, but tracking all user and net messages it’s primarily DarkRP related messages(mainly DarkRP_PlayerVar), then after that it’s for example VCMod but right now it’s practically sending a few message per minute from server to client and vice versa(vcmod/car dealer/inventory), yet it’s so high, I don’t know if it could be something with NWVars the only of those are on M9k weapons.

Spiking it does to like 30-40 sometimes
31 players:

Is the var issue constant even with less players (15-20?)

If it’s only high when you have 30 players then the issue is likely the CPU usage.

I updated my post with picture of CPU/stats, and it’s never 2-3 unless it’s like below 10 players, 25+ that’s when it starts going yellow every now and then,

Yes this is due to your CPU usage. Ask your host what CPU you are on. I personally recommend the E3-1270 V3 or E3-1290 V2 for high population servers.

E5-2690v2, are you sure it is caused by CPU? If I move or move host? I don’t want to have to change ip if it isn’t certain that would fix the var part :o

Your CPU usage is at 100% so yes.

Unless you have it in power saving mode for some reason? I’m -assuming- your operating system shows the CPU at 3Ghz or more?

Try asking your host for help…

I don’t think they help because I have a VDS, but they said that if I switch to their managed hosting it would be a more powerful CPU. I didn’t know about Maximum Frequency being how many % it was running at, stupid of me not to look into that, I will move to a managed host then I guess
edit: because they don’t offer better CPU for VDS.
edit again, after reading more about it it just says maximum frequency is how fast it runs? CPU usage is only ~50%, what did you base it on being 100%?

  1. DarkRP will run like shit unless you’re willing to start replacing code
  2. Run it at a 16 tick
  3. VDS’s single core performance sucks, get a dedi or go with a managed gameserver

Ok I will go with managed, thank you
darksoul69 I don’t understand if I wrote something stupid/funny? If I am doing something stupid I’d appreciate if you informed me of what, I’m really uncertain if it’s because I misunderstood something and it’s my fault that the server lags or it’s stupid to change to a managed…

The first funny was because your host was trying to upsell you. The second one was because the guy thinks you need 16 tick on 30 players for DarkRP and he thought you only had one core when your screenshots clearly show two. The third was because you gave up just like that and you knew the VPS was unmanaged when you bought it.

Seriously just check and see if the CPU is in power saving mode or something. Don’t pay your host another $40/month to manage it for you and get a faster CPU… hell at that price (management plus base VPS cost) a dedicated server might be affordable for you.

Yes but I thought the CPU was the problem and it wasn’t possible to upgrade it according to my host(NFO)? It is set to High performance in the control panel. I pay $35 for this:
and managed game server with NFO is $42 for 42 slots which is what I have my VDS server set to right now, $7 more for a better CPU? atleast here: a dedicated server is $200?
edit: I mean from going this:, Two Core and some upgraded ram and SSD, to this:

NFOs shared game servers are actually pretty funny - they restart you if you hit 100% CPU.

And no, I was not recommending NFOs dedicated server. There are many other hosts out there.

Best of luck.

That’s not very unreasonable considering how well default DarkRP runs plus the shit optimization of scriptfodder and workshop addons. Especially if you know nothing about Lua.

To the OP, I recommend you get a vps or dedi (not from nfo unless you wanna be ripped off). If you wanna go shared hosting I recommend Elpis Host :wink: Darksoul owns it so as you can tell from above he is a pretty knowledable guy with this stuff.

NFO let me move to another node and another CPU(E5-2690 v2 to E5-2697 v3), well with 41 bots, no players, no cars:
CPU In (KB/s) Out (KB/s) Uptime Map changes FPS Players Connects
61.31 2.90 18.74 7 0 33.38 42 42

on gm_construct with 41 bots and nothing else:
CPU In (KB/s) Out (KB/s) Uptime Map changes FPS Players Connects
44.51 2.29 26.63 20 2 33.34 42 83

and this is being alone with no bots or anything:


16 tick and 41 bots:
CPU In (KB/s) Out (KB/s) Uptime Map changes FPS Players Connects
36.62 1.30 11.10 4 0 15.88 42 42

and finally with 66 tick:

sorry for all the pictures

I actually went to elpishost to see but it’s only for US which is a bit unfortunate as darksoul69 seems to be a good host and very knowledgable, but for now I will continue with NFO servers, I am using a VDS from them.

I legitimately feel bad for you. 50 choke in the first two screenshots, piss poor var and the sv (server fps) isn’t stable in the least.

What is a server fps?