Usermessage problem?

Hey guys, i have got a problem.
when i was looking threw SRCDS, i get a spam of this
warning:Player 25 has 5000 queued usermessages
(Of course the numbers change I.E player 2 has 5058 queued user messages)

May you please tell me what this means?

Picture :

Thanks !:megaman:

Packages of information are not being sent, and they are queuing up in the send queue. As far as I know, there is no one fix fit’s all for this so try removing addons and then adding them back to isolate the problem.

i dont know what is causing it. i believe its when players connect . thats when it generally spams. do i have anything to worry about?

Ofcourse you do, since players won’t get the information they need.
KillerLUA said, disable addons and see if the problem persist, if it does, disable some more untill you’ve found out which is causing the problem.