Usermessages Spam

‘Warning Player X unhandled shitload of usermessages’ or something like that, it happens after a while the server has quite some people and starts lagging like hell, what am I doing wrong? I don’t seem to not close any usermessage.

Missing a usermessage.Hook on client for that user message.

Migrate to net library.

Why? Usermessages are just fine as long as your using them correctly.

Net library is worth it in the long run and is just as easy to use.

It is the same difficulty and is just more work to change from umsg to net. Afaik, using net doesn’t give a totally noticeable improvement on speed besides the fact umsg queues them.

Not that I care what you guys use, but from what I tested net is faster than usermessages, net doesn’t queue so things don’t bog up with more traffic, and net doesn’t have a limit.
So therefore, it is usermessages on crack, why not use them?

I use net for server->client and console commands for client->server

Oh my god, people are going to notice the 0.001 speed difference, how cruel, when garrysmod already uses slow networking.

They’ll notice when their usermessages start queuing and appearing 10 seconds behind time. Would I convert every usermessage I have? No. Would I ever use usermessages for any new things? No.

I’ve never had that problem. I’ve never had to network that much information.

Large tables of data and information regarding the server, adverts, settings, player info then use net library, small things like cash balance or join time etc, small things such as text, using usermessage library will be sufficient enough.

If the server has a quick lag burst, messages get queued up which can cause the system to fall behind.