Users able to see damagelog during the round

We use ULX and a player found out that, regardless of rank, you could check the damagelog during the round.
I’m unsure on how to fix this and could get no help (have checked on the wiki). The group “user” can’t use rcon, but can use “ttt_print_damagelog”.

Any help is very appreciated!

Oh wow, it was that easy…

Edit: Wait no, that didn’t work…

My understanding of the ulx groups is a bit blurry. There is ‘inheritance’, but user isn’t derived from any other group :confused:
I have tried in the past to make it so moderator+ can check the logs once they die, and it worked, but now anyone can check at any time
Please, this is very important!

bump? This is really urgent! Any help please?

Were you the guy I helped on Steam who insisted on using IsModerator function when I said just add IsAdmin?

Remove IsModerator, ULX is buggy and annoying. Just use IsAdmin so only Admins and SuperAdmins may check during a round.

I don’t think I’ve met you, but thank you. I’ll give it a try, but users don’t inherit from any other group so I don’t see how that would work…