Users cannot take superadmin's cars!!!!

So yeah… Users cannot steal superadmin’s cars but admins can. Anyone know a fix? I might have just messed up something in FPP when I was messing about… HELPS!
Also when spectating with ulx I sometimes get script errors.

They are TDM Cars!!!

What do you mean by “steal” cars?

Go into them / drive them

I believe I have this problem also. Superadmins can access other people cars because they can use everyones props (if i’m not mistaken). I removed myself from superadmin and guess what? I couldn’t access the cars. The only way I could gain access to the cars was for the owner to put me on their buddy list. My NPC dealer makes the car spawn as the players prop so I need buddy access to ‘use’ it. Going to have a closer look at the code tonight and see if I can fix it myself. In the mean time, if anyone else finds a solution, that would be great!

I imagine he means picklock a locked car and then access it. That is the problem I am having anyways.

Check if the cars are restricted to ranks first of all. Also Super admins can do everything in DarkRP.