Users getting added back to their group

So recently I have been having a couple of issues with users getting their rank (ulx group) back from no one. I have been trying to find what has been causing it however it went unsuccessful, Has anyone else been having this problem and know how to fix it?

For example: If someone donates for VIP they get their ranks and as soon as they reconnect to server they get their group back which they had before VIP.

Another example: If a staff member gets demoted, when they reconnect or join in a 5 months time they would get their staff group back from no-one… its really weird.

The most recent addon I have bought is the Staff Time Tracker…
I appreciate any help for this situation.

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Does anymore know the problem?

So no one knows?

I’m assuming this is just base ULX, if that is the case then maybe your admins data file in your data folder is read only and not writable.

Hard to know what the problem is without more info.

OHH you remind me of when I edited the garrysmod\data\ulib\users.txt with notepad++ Could that be the problem?

Is that the problem?