Users make the game!


i know the game is in development , but i got an idea how the devs can make the game perfect.

There sould be a Thread where every Player can post Stuff for Updates, the post can be liked or unliked from other players. So that the players can “create” the game like they want. Its just an idea!

It’s their game they will decide how to make it. If you want to create a game how you want go make it.

no! i it was just an idea to make the game perfect ! I think they did a great work !

Having the community make the game doesn’t make it " Perfect " Notch and Minecraft are a perfect example of this.

Okay… if you dont think so . can be closed

OP you’re obviously too young to understand why that won’t work so, yeah.

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plus if the devs had other people do their handy work they wouldn’t exactly be very good devs.

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Minecraft would have been a thousand times better if that happened actually, considering how useless notch was after a certain point.