Users.txt won't let me be admin

I added my steam ID to the users.txt file and even after several server restarts I’m still not admin when I come into the server. Is this a common issue lately?

Don’t add it to Users.txt, do the commands in-game to change the user group, because in Users.txt, it needs to be a certain format instead of just putting in the SteamID.

Post your users.txt, I have never had this problem.


		"Lemon"			"STEAM_0:1:11510083"
		//"garry"			"STEAM_0:1:7099"


Ah, well then I don’t know. Are you using AssMod or ULX?

I’m using NewAdmin.

Try setting it through lua_run.

Don’t use NewAdmin. It sucks and it’s no longer supported by its creator. Instead, get Evolve (same creator, WAYYYY better than NewAdmin).

(New epic site :D)

Also, SVN Tutorial:

Evolve is fucking sexy D: