Using 3ds max for mapping?

Is there some way to set uip max’s scaling to source units level, including maximum map size limits? Wanted to try mapping stuff with max instead of Hammer.

From what I’ve seen, Wall Worm Tools would be your best bet, can’t say I’m sure that answers your question as I have no experience with this tool but give it a try nonetheless

well this 3dsmax plugin allow to export “box” geomtry to “vmf” format.

max’s units are 1:1 with source if you’re using the generic units.

I use google sketchup cos i find it an easier way to model architecture/buildings, then port it to hammer but it only accepts one 3d primitive at a time and not a group of them, and I think either 32 or 64 hammer units is equal to 1m. And I always find my model to be offset from the center of the map, propper may be the way to go though, blender is the same thing also.

you might the 1st video of interest :slight_smile:

Didn’t touch anything in max’s settings after installing it, so I guess that should be true. But since I can apparently zoom out endlessly on the grid, is there a way to mark the limits of a source map?

My big goal is to make a map as smoothly sculpted as gm_rallye. And for that, both Hammer and Sketchup don’t appear to offer good enough sculpting

Hammers max grid size is 32768 x 32768 x 32768 units, make a mesh that size for ref :slight_smile:

Wall worm model tools is great. It’s how I did a lot of this adaptation of blood gulch for cs:go, including generating the hdr skybox textures and importing the props, as well as displacing the ground geometry–

If I knew more about how to work 3ds max I could have got a lot more of it done there instead of struggling with hammer.