Using a Blender model as a PAC outfit

How do I use a model made in Blender as a PAC outfit? I have it fully rigged and everything, I just need to know if it’s possible to bonemerge it, or if I need to do any coding or change the file type or stuff like that.

I don’t believe PAC supports loading of any model formats which support rigging at the moment. I think you’ll have to split it up into parts.

Got any tips for doing so? I’d like for the limbs to look at natural as possible.

Look at the weights, and cut from there.
How I cut is this
Upper (upper arm)

Changes sometimes depending on the model, and a trick for making it load faster is to cut only one side. When I say this I mean the right side of the body (right arm and right leg)
Then, after putting the models on your character. Make the same model again, put it on the opposite bone, and then set the size to -1. Then do “invert” or “doubleface”
This makes it reflect, allowing you to put it on the opposite bone. This decreases the loading time and makes it easier.

Oh and whencutting, use the bisect tool ALOT, makes it look natural and fluid

What do you mean bisect tool and weight? Im having big issues with clipping me myself.