using A Custom model for view model?

Is it possible?

I mean i have this lantern model. I wanted to make a lantern SWEP, but the model is missing stuff like hands and animations. But can i use a prop as he SWEP’s ViewModel and position it correctly at a certain spot?

I wanted to know this because i used the SWEP Creator SWEP on workshop and tried to position it correctly, then it spat this code out:

SWEP.ViewModel = “models/lantern.mdl”
SWEP.WorldModel = “models/lantern.mdl”
SWEP.ShowViewModel = true
SWEP.ShowWorldModel = true
SWEP.ViewModelBoneMods = {
[“Lantern”] = { scale = Vector(1.029, 1, 1), pos = Vector(12.38, 0, 0), angle = Angle(0, 0, 0) }

So i replaced the current view and world models that i was using, asses the show models and the bonemods below the model defining, tested it and this is what i got.

Nothing. The SWEP doesn’t even show up on the category list and i cannot spawn it via console. This didn’t happen before i replaced the model.

So my question is, Is this Possible?