Using a model as a player model, How do I do this?

Ive got a ragdoll, Now listen carefully. I want to use it as a player model. By this I mean I want to be able to use it as a players model on my server or on LAN so that others can see it. It is a citizen model with some new stuff etc. Now, How do I compile it so that I can use it without the T pose, I want to copy the citizens animations over to this model so I dont get the T pose. Now, I know this is uber confusing, but please try to understand what Im saying. I have 3D StudioMDL 6 (STFU I know its outdated). Please, please help.

get cannonfodder’s model decompiler, and decomcompile the model, make sure it’s on a valve biped skeleton, and the rest I’m not sure, but I’m sure there’s someone who know. Try pm’ing one of the more experianced modelers.

I could do this for you. PM me the model.

Oh, I dont need to decompile it I have the source files for the model. I will try PM’ing that dude above me.

If it’s a regular valve biped, you’ll only have to recompile it using the $includemodel with the right animations e.g.