Using a second keyboard for Key Bindings?

Would it be possible to use a second keyboard for binds leaving the first keyboard default?

For example

[Keyboard 1]
W = Movement up
S = Movement down
A = Movement left
D = Movement right

[Keyboard 2]
W = say “Random text 1.”
S = say “Random text 2.”
A = say “Random text 3.”
D = say “Random text 4.”

You can use software to remap all of the keys to virtual function keys and bind them in game.

Only Function keys (F1-F12) can be binded, unless there’s a way to modify it to add F13+.

Do this but replace the emoji with not emoji.

Tried to do bind F13 “act dance” since I reconfigured a to do F13 instead but gmod said “F13” isn’t a valid key

Use a module

What’s that? and how?

Look it up