Using a website to do things

A menu on on my website that prints the console logs and you can scroll through them but it doesn’t allow you to type(execute) a command. Also 3 drop downs to the side. A command drop down ( slay, kick, ban, gag, mute, freeze, and ragdoll ), a player drop down ( You can select a player that is online at the moment to execute this command on), and a variable drop down ( 1/0 1= yes 0= no ). Note: I am using evolve on the server so the commands have to be ev command player 1/0. I already have the page on my site password protected, so no need to worry about that. Now I just need to get the code. This would allow me to access stuff on my server without using glitchy puddy that doesn’t even let me type without messing up what I’m typing. I think a lot of server owners would find this useful to have a control panel that does commands like this. I would really appreciate help on this. Thanks Guys.

I highly doubt someone will do that for free.

I really really really hope someone on here can help but out. But here is my coderhire


Coderhire basically denied my application. All the coders were like nu uh uh

They probably denied it due to the low budget.

The budget is 20… Too low?

Assuming you’re running PHP, just grab someone’s rcon library, after 2 seconds of googling:

Then just do a basic form submit sort of thing, and have it run the rcon command.

It is good if you expect this project to be completed within two hours or less.