Using appyForce on findtoarray

Now, I was experimenting with E2 mainly because I got tired of those persnickety vector thrusters that only work on one thing. After a bit of tinkering I got it to work and decided to take it further.
As the title suggests, I want to turn findtoarray into an entity form so it corresponds with applyForce. I’ll show my code as soon as I can get to it since I saved it to a server.

If you mean to applyForce each entity in the array then you need to loop though each one and applyForce them separately.

So I need to add an interval function, am I correct? Sorry for sounding noobish but how would I select each separately, since all the functions I’ve seen people use are ones for specific entities?

for(I=0, Array:count()){
Array[I, entity]:applyForce(Vector)

Thanks a lot.

Make sure to have runOnTick(1) and @persist Array:array or else it won’t last beyond a single execution and will be, essentially, nonexistent.

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this is only one number wrong, it should be

for(I=1, Array:count()){
Array[I, entity]:applyForce(Vector)

arrays in E2 do not have a 0 index so it stars at 1, not 0

@persist Props:array X

this finds all owner props and makes them “float” made for shits and giggles aswell for Sestze <3