Using AzuiSleet's tmysql module with two databases.

The title basically says it all, is it possible to access and query more than one database with AzuiSleet’s threaded mysql module? I couldn’t find any information about it and have tried my own tests which I listed below but couldn’t figure it out. I would like to do this for a ban system that works over multiple servers and then the main one for the server and saving player information.

DB = tmysql.initialize(“This”, “Info”, “Is”, “Valid”)

Q = tmysql.query(“SELECT * FROM MyTable”, function(tbl, isok, error) end)


Someone probably gave you a virus, that’s the exact usage in the readme.txt.

Hate to revive here, but could you repost then the actual link to your module?

still fails to load then.

lua_run require(“tmysql”)
> require(“tmysql”)
error loading module ‘tmysql’ from file ‘c:/<path to server>/orangebox/garrysmod/lua/includes/modules/gm_tmysql.dll’: The specified module could not be found.

and this is even double checking everything, making sure the 2005 and 2008 sp1 C++ redistrib’s are installed

Follow the ‘Installation’ section to the word.

woudnt it be possible if you localized the init’s to databases in two separate files to have two databases connected?