Using certain models for nextbot NPCs causes Gmod to freeze since update.

So this has been an issue I’ve been struggling with ever since the February update, but I always just figured it was my fault or it was something I was doing wrong or something wrong with my Nextbot base.
So I started working on a new base from complete scratch, but the issue is not going away and there’s only one thing that is the same between the two bases: The model.
Furthermore, what leads me to believe it’s the model is that I’ve tried changing the npc to use a different model and they work fine, no issue, but the second I change them back to the model I want, the game completely locks up.

To put this in perspective, I was using the old 2012 Aftermath Fallout player models ported by Silverlan for this NPC, but, seeing as the source files for that are gone and I figured it was something wrong with the model, I took it upon myself to just re-port all of the animations. I mean I didn’t completely waste my time, I use these models for players, not just NPCs, but still even after re-porting every single player holdtype animations, the issue persists.

I’m not sure if it’s the number of animations, or maybe I’m compiling the model wrong or something (even though I’m using Gmod’s studiomodel.exe), but no matter what I do, ever since the February update, I haven’t been able to use these models as NPCs. The only reason I’m posting this now, in April is because I’ve run out of options and the only thing I can think of is that it’s an issue with Gmod.

Here are two videos showing what is happening:

Setting the model on my old NPC base[/vid]
Setting the model on my new NPC base

In both instances, the NPC starts out as another model from fallout. I then change nothing but it’s model and spawn it and I’m met with a complete lock up of the game. At this point it could stay frozen forever and never recover. Now I understand that this could be my fault because it’s my model, but despite that it doesn’t change the fact that it used to work just fine before the update. If this can’t be fixed, I’d love to know if I can somehow revert the part of the server that controls the nextbots back to an earlier point before this issue for just myself somehow, or if anyone knows what I’m doing wrong with these, they could let me know.

Anyways, here’s the models if anyone is curious to try it themselves.
I didn’t bother including textures, but that shouldn’t really be an issue.

I suppose if someone wants to see my QC if they know it has something to do with how I compile my models, send me a PM and I’ll let you have a look. I do have to mention that this is my first major attempt at porting an animation system like this, and I have done the best I can without any reference and only the functions on the valve developer wiki as a guide, so my QC won’t look super professional.

Should I just report this as a bug on github tracker instead? Or, maybe it would be better off in the modelling subsection since it’s something to do with the models?

I just re-posted this on the Github issue tracker because no one has any opinion on this, so my only thought is that it’s a bug.

Alright, I think I finally found a solution to this! I was using ENT:SetSequence() to animate the NPC’s movement animations. This was the problem. I then changed it to ENT:StartActivity() and the issue is gone.

Still, it’s a bit strange that SetSequence/ResetSequence worked fine for this before, but no matter. This temporary solution works for now.