Using client files in SteamCMD

I have slow and limited internet and I need to test some addon stuff I’m working on, on a dedicated server.

I have a CentOS server running on my LAN and previously had SRCDS running on it, that worked fine.

When I installed that I transferred files from my computer (my computer has garrysmod installed on steam) to the CentOS server rather than downloading them again.

I’m trying to achieve the same thing as I did with SRCDS on a SteamCMD installation but I’m having some trouble, it simply won’t recognise any files I put there
and continues to download them from steam.

How would I go about using files from my computer on a dedicated server?
I’m aware some files could differ from my computer that runs windows and the Linux/CentOS server, but I know for a fact models and materials are the same.