Using CS:S Skins for the default CS:S SWEPS

I play a lot of Zombie Survival, and I thought it’d be necessary to have some fitting-looking equipment. So I got some skins that made the default CS:S guns that the gamemode uses to look more “zombie apocalypse-ish”.

They work fine, except for the sounds. Since these reskins/remodels use custom scripting as per CS:S to use the included sounds, many of them don’t have any working sounds other than the firing sound. Is there any way to rig these so the sounds play for reloads and other miscellaneous things that the animations require? I’ve tried deleting the scripts that call for the custom sounds and using sounds with the default names (ala usp_unsil-1 or mac10_clipout, etc.) but that didn’t seem to change anything either.

(I did like a dozen searches beforehand, nothing came up)

This sounds like you need a lua coder for this (as the sounds for the weapons are handled in the Lua code), so wrong section ^^

Then somebody move it or something.

These are the scripts I’m talking about, however. THESE are Lua?

Nope they ain’t lua, they’re scripts which are only used by CS:S as far as I know (these ones anyway, theres loads of scripts in the GCF files for the sounds and weapons, but you can’t alter or add to them, thats what the lua is for).

So then I’m screwed?

Not particularily, go ask in the lua section (or ask a mod to move this over there).

Or you can look at the code for other SWEPs and see if you can find the code for the reload and other sounds and copy it and put the path to the sound you want instead of the one thats there in it originally.

It’s weird, what you need to do is move your sound script files from scripts/weapons to scripts/sounds. That seems to do the trick. Only problem with that is that you’re basically only allotted one model/skin with correct sounds per weapon you take the model/skin from. As in if I want both an HK416 and AUGA3 skin, both skins for the AUG in CS:S, I can only use one’s sound script.

Hah! Success!

Thanks a bunch, it’s great to hear these working now. :smiley:

That works? O.o Is this in the main folder? as it never worked when I tried that in addons.