Using Custom Chat Box Reduces FPS?

I noticed that using custom chat boxes, ones made from scriptfodder, reduces clients FPS by 5-10. I Have tested this on my server just today and was wondering if this was normal. DOes anyone know why this exactly happens? The Fps drop when using customized chatbox?

It’s probably what it’s drawing on the screen in a HUDPaint hook.

if the chatbox isn’t culling messages, it could be drawing every message since you joined the server vs only what’s recent. if fps gets worse the longer you’re in a server, that could be the cause

If this is the case, what’s your opinion on this?
Would it be worth the FPS drops, for a better Chatbox

Of course not. It would be better for you to either fix it or find custom chatbox that is drawn properly.

The chatboxes im talking about are

Atlas Chat



I dont think those can get any better xD.

That has nothing to do with what I just said.

The amount your FPS drops by is meaningless if you don’t tell us the initial value.

The difference between 15 and 10 fps is huge compared to the difference between 150 and 145 fps (frame time wise).

On every part of the map is that same amount of 5-10 fps drop.

He means, what was it before it dropped.

Tested on different part of the map, ttt_minecraft_b5