Using custom fonts?

Now I know this question has probably been asked that many times you might now care…


I have it setup so the player will download it, and that’s final.

But how do I read it?

surface.CreateFont( "DoorDisplayTitleFont", {
	font = "Bombing",
	size = 40,
	weight = 1500, 
	blursize = 0, 
	scanlines = 0, 
	antialias = true, 
	underline = false, 
	italic = false, 
	strikeout = false, 
	symbol = false, 
	rotary = false, 
	shadow = false, 
	additive = false, 
	outline = false,
} )

Because Bombing never gets defined? How do I define it?

I’m guessing you aren’t able to use that font when attempting to draw text. Do you have any errors? I’m confused. What do you mean you didn’t define it or you can’t read it?

Maybe you are looking for this?


@jacobcooper18, Open your Bombing.ttf, look for the font title and then use it (you can’t use your fonts’ file name)