Using Custom Particles

I’m using custom particles made in the particle editor in my gamemode, but I’ve run into a problem. I’m trying to make a particle follow a entity, and I’m using the function ParticleEffectAttach to do it.
However, this function only makes the emitter follow the entity. Whatever actual particles that came out of the emitter don’t follow the entity as well.
Are there any alternative functions I could use with custom particles made in the editor to make all parts of a particle system follow a entity?

You can’t influence the particle systems at all through Lua, except for spawning / stopping them. Never worked with the particle editor so I don’t know if you can give the particle systems themselves specific properties like following an entity.

Use the “movement lock to control point” operator

I just added movement lock to control point and now my effect goes in “bursts” instead of being continuous… how can I fix this

I’m having the same problem with particles, but what is that? I can’t find it on the GLua wiki?

It’s not lua it’s a pcf, under particle editor go to Operators and add that option.