Using Derma to call images?

So i have a png image i want to use for GUI but i have no clue how to call it. I used surface.SetMaterial( Material( “menu/menu.png”, “no clamp” ) ) for the HuD but how would i use that in a Dmenu?

Make it a vmf/vmt instead of png.

Add items to your DMenu, then call SetIcon on the new entry. I went to the wiki to make sure I was going to give a correct example, but it has a decent example anyway.

I used DImage and

function GM:ShowSpare2( ply )
ply:ConCommand( “ShowMenu” )

function Menu()

Frame = vgui.Create( “DFrame” )
Frame:SetSize( 901, 478 )
Frame:SetTitle( “” )

local menu_img = vgui.Create( “DImage”, Frame )
menu_img:SetPos( 10, 35 )
menu_img:SetSize( 899, 476 )

concommand.Add( “ShowMenu”,Menu )

But when i show the menu its pink and black… I put resource.AddFile(“content/materials/vgui/menu.vmt”)
resource.AddFile(“content/materials/vgui/menu.vtf”) in my init.lua and still no luck… Any advice? (picture of what i get: