Using Episode 2 models in CS:S

So Im making a map and I need to know how to import the episode 2 trees into CS:S, I thought it would be easier since the CS:S Source 09 update.

Its no easier, but it wasn’t hard in the first place.
Extract the models and textures from their respective GCF’s and put them in your css folders, respectively

Open the ep2 content gcf and extract the models\props_foliage folder into your cstike\models\props_foliage folder

And open up your ep2 materials gcf and extract your ep2\materials\models\props_foliage to your cstike\materials\models\props_foliage folder

Alright now how would I go about including them in my map for download on a server., Im used to garrys mod where Garrys Mod already has other games content mounted.

Use VIDE’s Lumpfile Editor.

Thanks for the help, worked out fine.

strange… every model from every game is in every engine type for me (including materials)

Excuse me but, what?

i get this aswell.