Using Evolve and ULX together (having problems with ranks)

Since the official Evolve thread was closed I decided to reopen it here
On our server we’re using ULX and evolve at the same time to have all required essentials for optimal control.
But the problem is, the ranks in ULX are getting messed up.
When someone is in the group “respected” or “regulars” they get moved back into the guest group after next server restart or rejoin.

Is there a workaround to fix this issue so that either one of the admin plugins won’t override the ranks in ULX?

Running both at the same time is asking for trouble. What kind of things are in Evolve that you need that isn’t in ULX? If by any chance you find something, it’s probably covered by Cobalt’s command pack or ULX’s Releases section.

what I need is proper limitation and restrictions for tools, weapons and NPCs.
I have tried URS but it’s way too hard to do this since all the names have to be entered manually.
In evolve I get a list where I can check and uncheck all the weapons and tools to restrict and unrestrict them for a group.

You should never ever ever ever evrer ever ever ever run 2 adminmods at the same time and this is exactly why

No matter what you are using (besides maybe assmod) adminmods do not like other adminmods, and will throw a fit about everything. ESPECIALLY group ranks.

Is there a proper restriction/limit addon for ULX other than URS?

I guess not.