Using FileZilla with a listen server?

I’ve been trying to use a filezilla server on my computer with my listen server to speed up downloads. I’ve set up my no-ip account and it is routed to my IP, I’ve set sv_downloadurl to “” (with mydomain being my no-ip domain.)

However, after doing this, when my friends connect to my server and download files, my FileZilla server interface shows no active uploads/downloads and it goes the same speed for the mas it has. I heard somewhere that it has to be an http:// address, is this true? If so, is there a way to use no-ip or such to give my FTP server an http:// address?

AFAIK That doesn’t work.

You need to set up an Apache Web Server (WAMP, Google it)

Hope this helped. If you need more detailed instructions, add me:


Thank you soo much Ark.

You also might have to use an alternate port, most ISP’s block port 80 because they are assholes.