Using Garry's Mod models in the new(ish) Source Engine


Does anyone know how to get garry’s mod models working in the new Source Engine?
The game I am trying to import them to is Portal 2
If I try to get a model from HL2 or any other custom model in Garry’s Mod it crashes Portal 2.

I hope that somebody will at least know how to do this.


…Firstly, the models used in the newer engine have to be degraded so they can be used in Source 1.

What do you mean by “degraded”?
and Source 1?

If you mean editing the vtf of the model and switching their vtf version, I can do that.
But aren’t all source games backwards compatible with textures and models?

Yes, the textures have to be downgraded to 7.4 because Source 1 (pre-Alien Swarm) supports only so far.

Later Source games are gladly compatible with older model versions as long as they’re not from the HL2 Beta leak. (The HL2 Beta uses version 37, today’s Source uses 44 and onward)

How would that work for garry’s mod models into Portal 2?

Can you just point me in the right direction with a tutorial or rough outline?

No, I have no clue on how to do what I just said. But yes, 7.4 and older models are backwards compatible in post-Left 4 Dead outside of Garry’s Mod.