Using "gmsv_mysqloo" With NutScript

So I have the following in the “sv_database.lua” config file in the “/nutscript/gamemode/config/” directory:

-- Which method of storage: sqlite, tmysql4, mysqloo
nut.db.module = "mysqloo"

-- Below is where I'm having the problem!

-- The hostname for the MySQL server.
nut.db.hostname = "localhost"
-- The username to login to the database.
nut.db.username = "root"
-- The password that is associated with the username.
nut.db.password = "password"
-- The database that the user should login to.
nut.db.database = "nutscript"
-- The port for the database, you shouldn't need to change this.
nut.db.port = 3306

This does not work, however. Why is this? I am not using an SRCDS server, however, Garry’s Mod should be able to handle mysql data, correct? Please help me! I have no clue what to put in these configuration settings! Thanks for your help!

Why doesn’t it work? What is the error?

Are you trying to save to the sv.db?

It just won’t connect lol… It says “cannot connect to ‘local host’”