Using HL/TF2 weapons

is it possible? recently i just purchased Gmod and i’m still learning the ins and outs of it. unfortunately im unable to find out how much of it works, unless it doesn’t work and i’m just wasting my time

There’s a addon that lets you play TF2 sweps, not sure if it works though.

what about HL2 weapons? there’s that one weapon that’s like a controlled grenade where you can choose when to explode it, but i can’t figure out if that can be used as well. and thanks for the assistance

anyone else have an idea or am i hung out to dry?

TF2 weapons are in an addon somewhere on

You are thinking of SLAMs, and those are also in some addon, somewhere.

And HL2 weapons should be in your game by default

yes when i begin a single player game i do get hl2 weapons, i can even add in some CS weapons as well but for some reason i know some weapons are missing. maybe if i take a screenshot of some items i believe are ‘supposed’ to be allowed for me to use.

You should spawn with a crowbar, gravity gun, physics gun, pistol, magnum, SMG, Combine Energy Sphere Launcher Thing, shotgun, crossbow, grenades, RPG, camera, and the tool gun.

the “Combine Energy Sphere Launcher Thing” is called an AR2 or pulse rifle

yes im spawned with all that, but what about the other weps in hl2? [meaning ep 1 and 2. im sure there;s that other phys gun and those remote controlled explosives as well. im still disappointed that we can’t mess with tf2 weapons [unless you get an addon]

You can give yourself a SLAM in the console, as well as the stunstick ,annabelle, and alyxgun.

And the super grav gun, wasn’t that disabled by Garry?

Not all the CS:S weapons are in Gmod.
But there are a lot of packs like the CS realist weapons that have them all

there is a tool that lays dynamite, which explodes when you push a button on your numpad (kind of like remote control) The Stunstick and SLAM TF2 Weapons

Is this what you’re looking for?

gimme a min, ill hunt down the packs



Css weps:
tf2 weps:
Tf2 sentrys:
Extra HL2 weps:

That everything?

i believe so. thanks a bunch!

edit: question. I’m downloading a lot of models and packs and whatnot that might overlay [like weapons packs] will I have a problem with them conflicting? for example: if a weapon pack has a weapon from cs:s and another pack i extract has that same weapon. will the game give me any problems?

I don’t think there would be. I haven’t had any problems with everything i have.

everything seems to be fine except for a few addons, namely the portal gun but im not complaining. im just gonna look for more sweps and entities

Which Portal Gun?

Most are broken (there is currently a project that is fixing the Portal Gun, and they have released a few versions).

If it is by Mahalis, it is broken