Using Kinect crashes or freezes

My Kinect used to work fine before but after joining a friend of mine and using Kinect in his server now every time I go to enable the camera or control a ragdoll it crashes, I look up on it and all I get are people saying they’ve upgraded their video card. I’ve uninstalled all addons and reinstalled the game and still crashes

I have heard that the Kinect is no longer supported by Garry’s Mod. So don’t expect the developers to fix these kinds of crashes as a priority. However, you can always send your crash dumps for analysis to Rubat ( or through the Gmod Discord).

I’ve used this recently and it worked fine for me, make sure you’re using the correct Kinect SDK (v1.8) and you’re running the 32bit version of the game.

There’s a wiki article about it here: Using The Kinect - Garry's Mod Wiki.

It doesn’t crash anymore but now there’s no camera feed

Ok I’ve reinstalled the drivers again and updated the kinect in the device manager and it seems to be fixed, thanks