Using Large Address Aware for Gmod?

With my new lap top I get pretty good fps on gmod but it still crashes when using like a billion props I expect this to happen to any computer but with using a program like Large Address aware to expand the ram usage help the game run better? I have 8 gb of ram if gmod could use more of it would it let me do more?

Garry posted:
Next week, here’s the changes so far

Max net payload upped from 96,000 bytes to 196,608 bytes
Reliable snapshot buffer increased from 40,000 bytes to 120,000 bytes
Right click clears binder
Removed datastream
Added net. library
Added Widgets
Fixed menu background image name exploit
Fixed stalker model
Fixed tooltips
Fixed lua error in icon editor changing skin
Max ents changed from 4,096 to 32,768 (experiment!)
Increased max group renderables from 4,096 to 16,384
Removed playerinfo fields
Added util.IntersectRayWithPlane( raystart, raydirnorm, planepos, planenorm ) (returns hitpos or nil)
util.IntersectRayWithOBB( raystart, raydirnorm, obbpos, obbang, obbmin, obbmax ) (returns hitpos+normal or nil)
Entity:IsOnFire is now shared
Added Entity:FollowBone( parent, boneid )
Added PlayerTick hook
Added CMoveData:KeyDown( key )
Added CMoveData:KeyWasDown( key )
Added CanAttack for widgets
Added Hovered/Pressed networked widgets on player
Entities don’t have to be in a folder, can be single files (ie entities/ent_ball.lua)
Fixed OnPlayerHitGround hook
Added util.DistanceToLine( vstart, vend, vpos ) (returns fdist, vpos, falong)
Added Entity:SetBoneManipulator( ent )
Added Entity:GetBoneManipulator()
Added Entity:ManipulateBonePosition( boneid, vector )
Added Entity:GetManipulateBonePosition( boneid )
Added CUserCmd:RemoveKey( id )

he is gona fix the crashes in the next version i think
i have crashes too

I liked the part where you didn’t answer the question at all, and instead provided semi-irrelevant information.

try it and find out

I never got gmod even up to 2gb, so probably not.

Afaik source is 32bit anyway.

32 bit applications have an upper limit of 2gb of memory that they can use, if Large Address Aware is enabled it can exceed that 2gb limit. I haven’t seen a game use more than 2GB yet anyway but it could help some people in case of memory leaks and the like.

A modded Call of Pripyat can. Also note that task manager doesn’t show video memory used, but video memory does count towards this 2/4 gb limit.