Using Maya 2009 to create source models

I’ve been using Maya 2009 for a while now, I got a copy from school and it is the program I prefer for 3D modelling since I am used to it. However, there appears to be a lack of propper tutorials for how to export models from Maya 2009 to .mdl for the source engine. I’ve tried to follow the two tutorials I’ve found, one Swedish one (, might not work under IE) and one English one. It seemd to work fine, I even managed to install Prall’s Half Life 2 exporter v.2.5.

However the models doesn’t want to be exported to smd, only the _phy and _idle file is created when I click “Full Compile” and they are way to small. When I click Extracy Only then only the qc file, the normal smd file and one of the phy/idle files.

I know the problem is the smd files since if I try to import them using the import smd I only get a corrupted… something… Also, the progress bar that should pop up when you export is not showing

I don’t know if it is my configuration that is faulty or if it is the model, but I know a few people here manage to get the models to work with Maya 2009.

Here is a download for the ml, just something I threw together to test it for the fifth time… sigh

Ohhh… And I got the real version of Maya, not the PLE version.

And one last note, if you need more information just tell me and I’ll help my best.


I know there are people here who create models in Maya 2009 and get them to work in source… Anyone atleast got a link to a tutorial for Maya 2009 and not Maya 6?

I agree, I want to start working on a mod, and I dont want to have to learn another program. I feel bloody confident in maya, but I dont want to have to start from scratch just to creaate a simple deathmatch total conversion mod.

Those Noesis tutorials had me intrigued until i read that it was for Maya 8, like, cmon isnt 2009 the new?

I’m scrawling the internet for tutorials.

If i find one i’ll post it here.