Using Mental Ray in XSI 7.5

Hi, I’ve been modeling for awhile, but I’ve never done actual rendering. Can anyone help me out with setting up a simple scene using Global Illumination.
All the tutorials I’ve found are for the older versions of XSI, and I’m having trouble understanding how to setup a scene properly. Any help would be much appreciated.

Nevermind, I figured out the gist of it, but some tips on making scenes would be helpful too.

Thanks for those tutorials really helpful. Now I can create crappy renders of my crappy models!

that looks cool actually :slight_smile:

That’s godlike quality when compared to what everybody else here can do. But when you’re rendering you want to emulate clay and not have all those reflections. Remember, you’re trying to show off the model, not the environment.

And I recommend you learn how to sculpt because that creature could look great if you add high poly detail to it.

You got it.

I was actually about to download zbrush and try and create a good high poly version and create a normal map for the texture to try and make it look good. Never done this before, so I’m hoping for the best.