Using multiple collisionmodels

i just wanted to ask if there is any way to define
multiple collision model´s in the QC.

I dont want to merge them into one single smd because
the compiler (the sfm one) cut´s my ref model into
multiple pieces bcause its too big.
But when the compiler does this it doesnt compile the
phy model. (WARNING: Model has 2-dimensional geometry (less than 0.500 inches thick on any axis)!!!)
I checked the phy model and maked sure its totally fine. It compiles right when i use a smaller ref model. :confused:

So i currently search for a workaround.

Sry for bad english.

Edit: I forgot to mention that the error “2d…” only appears while having a big ref model when the phy model has over 1000 Convex Pieces.

Does your phys model have a smoothing group assigned?

The “Warning 2d” thingy only happens when the compiler splits the ref smd into pieces :<

Check if you have any extra vertex, or duplicated faces, something like that. 2d warning is usually about something like that or your model is in a very very tiny scale.


Wait, your collision model is made of 1000 convex pieces ? I don’t think studiomdl compiler handles that…

That would be really frustrating because I already worked so many hours on it :<

Collisionmodels are done by element. If you have 30 pieces, each piece MUST BE CAPPED, IN THE SAME SMOOTHING GROUP, AND HAVE THE SAME TEXTURE APPLIED.

use this

$maxconvexpieces 1000

i have no idea what the max supported is though but worth a shot

You might want to try these.

I still don’t think source will allow as much as you want.

I already using this.
Im able to compile the phy model.
But not together with the ref model. (I get 2d error when I do this. )
Is there maybe a way to replace an compiled physical model
With another compiled phy model so I’m able too compile
The ref and phy model separately?

If you’re able to compile the ref and phys seperatly sure you can just paste the phys file in (I think).
Im curious to know what that enormous model is could you give us some screenshots ? they might help solving your problem aswell

It´s the Eu Titan together with inside life.

I dont want to provide the model public but if somebody want to try his
own luck in compiling it i would give him the model via pm.

I can have a look I’ll send you a pm

Huh I can’t seem to send you any messages

Ok, ill add you in steam instead ^^
I just prepare my project folder.