Using new pie menu on Mac

Does anyone know a shortcut for this on Mac?
Cannot hold down right click and hit left click at same time to change menu selection.
Anyone have a solution?

i have a similar issue with my laptops touch pad. binding the right click functions to q works well for me, but i don’t know of any other solutions.

I think Garry and FP are underestimating laptop users playing Rust using trackpads.

I remember Garry saying he thought almost no one would not have a middle mouse button. Most laptop users don’t have one.

get a different mouse for you MAC specifically for playing Rust.

They should accomodate trackpad users as it will mean more people around who can’t shoot for shit, making easier pickings for the rest of us.

People who use improper hardware shouldn’t be provided for and cannot be provided for within sane reasoning. It would be much more reasonable to go buy a mouse fit for the job.

i think some allowances are good for maintaining the more casual player base, but i do kind of agree with you.

i have a touchpad that works perfectly for every other FPS game i play just by tweaking the controls. i don’t expect anything other than the ability to change bindings, and that’s right there for me:) only thing i miss is scroll capability; touchpads don’t do that lol.

Synaptic touchpad software frequently (or at least, used to) has an option for scrolling hotzones. It’s a mixed blessing, because it means you can just move your finger to the edge to scroll up and down as if it was a mousewheel, but it also means that you might slip into the zone and start grabbing a page and pulling it around when you didn’t want to, as well, something that would require muscle spasms with a mousewheel.

I don’t see garry making tons of accomodations for touchpad users. I have nothing to directly back that up because I’m not aware he’s ever posted about the subject, but I do know what he thinks (or at least, thought at the time) about controller users.

The topic of Rust on consoles was brought up, and of course this brought about questions of cross-platform play. garry said that if Rust were to be ported to consoles (and it would be a port from PC to the console, not the other way around), he’d do everything he could to have cross-platform play. And he stated that he wouldn’t give controller users autoaim or any special assists, because he doesn’t care if mouse users totally destroy controller users. If you want to play an fps, get a mouse.

Who said I am playing on a desk? Maybe my laptop is actually on my lap? A mouse would not work.

I can play legacy Rust and any other game fine with a track pad. The solution: don’t require use of a middle mouse button.

Elix, you are missing the point. Requiring right, left click is fine. Middle mouse button is ok too, but give an alternative, like they did in legacy rust for use of the middle mouse button. It is extremely easy for a game maker to think about track pad users. And it is good for the game if gamers with touchpads are also playing.

If your one of those who has “a gaming laptop” (btw theres no such thing) you are going to have issues regardless. If you are into games buy a proper pc, laptops are great for what they are designed cor which is moblity not performance!

I suggest buying a fancy new $10 mouse.

Maybe they should make that players that play on laptops have a donkey hat on their head and if it’s a mac something even dumber. Also make that the touchpad is extremely sensitive etc… or maybe just make the game run at an enforced fantastic graphic setting (making all laptops have 1-2 FPS). :v:

What is it with you and stupid “we should code the game to abuse people I don’t like” comments?

Most people would get a good laugh out of this and those that would not laugh would be the undesirables anyway.

I said “tons of accomodations”. That is not the same as “any accomodations”.

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“the undesirables”

Do you realize what you’re saying?

A lot of people play Rust on a laptop. Some of us played legacy on MacBook pros. The game worked fine on a laptop. This is not Crysis.

Since it is very easy to code in a key alternative to a middle mouse button, why would you not do that? People play games on laptops. It’s just that way it is. No reason to exclude people who want to use a laptop.

BTW, most PC games, including MMOs, can be played fine without a mouse (using a trackpad). Of course you can play a FPS better with a mouse.

Elix, yeah I agree.

i guess between the dumb vote for my comment, and the fact that i don’t see the joke in insulting people based on whether they use a touchpad, laptop or apple device, i must be one of the “undesirables” to you.

thank fuck for that.

I can’t imagine why anyone would want to play this with a trackpad. You will always be at a massive disadvantage to everyone else. I’m not against them providing an alternative to right clicking, but seriously, why not use a mouse so you’re not at a massive disadvantage to everyone who is?

I don’t want to use a mouse because I am usually propped up against a wall, or in bed when I play, or in a comfortable chair with no desk. Also, you can get good accuracy with a track pad also. And the game is not all fighting. I sneak around a lot and can move or evade as well as anyone with a mouse in Rust legacy.

But yeah, sometimes you are playing where you are not at a desk, and there is no place to put a mouse. As someone who games all the time on a laptop, it is funny to think people can’t imagine not playing at a desk or table.

i play on my very comfortable couch, so yeah, same page;)