Using Ninja Ripper on War Thunder CDK asset viewer.

Exactly what it says in the title. The asset viewer has all the models in the game, which would make ripping much easier.
However I cannot get Ninja to work with it. Anyone has an idea?

Tried the 32 and 64bit versions, and all the different injectors in each?


Does it give you an error, in which case the game may actively prevent injecting dlls, or does it start but the rip button doesn’t do anything? That could mean the game uses OpenGL, then, if possible, you could try to switch to direct3d if the game allows it.

It’s not a game mate. It’s an asset viewer program.

I’m sure the asset viewer uses some sort of renderer too. If it’s OpenGL and you can’t change it, Ninja Ripper won’t do you any good.

I highly doubt its opengl, since the main game is direct3d.
The problem I think comes from the fact it’s launched by a .bat file rather than a traditional .exe. This is why I came here to ask.

Bat To Exe Converter

Edit the .bat, it should lead you to an .exe. The injector has to be in the same folder as the .exe.

Is that even a thing? I will have to look it up.

Just open the .bat in a text editor, then you’ll see what .exe it uses and where it is, then use Ninja Ripper on that .exe. The program you wanted might not start that way, but the injector .dll will stay in place, then you can execute the .bat normally and it should work.
If the program uses Direct3D and allows injecting at all.

Okay, I looked through the cmd files, and found the .exe, which is running in dx11. But it is still not working. On the running program, it seems the main file is something called application.blk. Perhaps this is the issue?

That sounds like a game specific archive or something, don’t know that extension. You could try the overkill method of putting the injector dll in every gamefolder that contains an .exe. Does “not working” mean you get an error, or simply that the injector doesn’t do anything?

When I click F10 nothing happens, it just highlights the “file” button, I assume f10 is a mapped key inside the program.

OK don’t have War Thunder installed, but using DCS A10 (same engine) here’s how it worked for me:
Using Ninja Ripper 1.5.2 x86, i injected a random .exe in bin\x86 (modelviewer.exe or dcs.exe, doesn’t matter) with the D3D9 wrapper. Then i edited the modelviewer.bat so that it doesn’t point to bin\ModelViewer.exe, but instead to bin\x86\ModelViewer.exe.
Once this was done i could execute the modelviewer.bat normally and was able to rip.
If War Thunder doesn’t have x86 executables, then i’m out of ideas.

Exporting WT models for 3DS Max by RazNaRok

That does not help me in the slightest.
I asked how do use it on the asset viewer, not the main game.

Good news, my friend figured it out.
Turns out there was a plugin loader that will accept the ninja ripper dlls. God do I feel stupid.

That guide above needs to be updated to mention the asset viewer, it is far easier than ripping from the main game.