Using playermodels in CS:S

I couldn’t find anything about it.

Are the models posted here supported for Counter-Strike:Source Servers?

If so I found a goldmine, if not i’m shure its possible to convert it, i also couldn’t find a decent tutorial about that, someone has some recources for me? :slight_smile:

Thx in advance

ps sorry if its posted in wrong section

It depends by what you mean by “supported”. All of these models should run just fine in Counter-Strike. The problem is, how to get the game to use them.

For simple props, you could just put them into the map with Hammer.

For weapons, you will probably have to recompile them with proper animations, and set the file name to overwrite one of the existing ones. This only works client-side, though, if I remember properly.

For playermodels, I’m not sure. If they do use the right animations already, you can just get the files renamed to overwrite existing ones. If not, you will have to recompile with proper animations.

One last thing: try to use more descriptive thread titles. We can tell it’s a question based on the “Question” icon right next to it.

Well i’m searching playermodels for my server, I dont have any knowledge about skinning, only once re-texured a skin trough a nice tutorial

So is there any place i can learn the basics about animations?

About the title, I forgot to add the “CSS SUPORTED?” behind the question :wink:

I’m not really the best person to ask about animations. I know about them, but I don’t have much experience with them myself.

A thread named “(question)” isn’t really that descriptive, try to describe the nature of the problem in the thread title in the future.

They don’t. But they use the same skeleton so it’s a pretty simple process to get them to work in CS:S.

Not precisely. It’s one thing to just include the CSS animations in a recompile, but you have to make absolutely sure the mesh doesn’t stick outside the phys model, or else you run in to consistency errors. For a serverside playermodel, it’s not really an issue, but as a client side playermodel (or reskin, rather), it’s critical.

Maybe this will help you: