Using (skin2) of "models/Combine_Soldier.mdl" as a playmodel?

Adding some new jobs to a server I frequently play, and I remembered a combine npc from half life 2, and wanted to use its model as a player model for a certain job. Alright, so we got this model
“models/Combine_Soldier.mdl” (Skin 2)

Which is the darker colored one with the reddish orange eyes, apparently commonly called the shotgun soldier. Every default player model only uses skin 1 of these types of things. Now, (skin 2)which is the one I want to use, doesn’t sound like it’s part of the model path, or is it? If I was going to make a dark rp job, would it even work if I set the playermodel to “models/Combine_Soldier.mdl (skin 2)” ?.

It doesn’t have it’s own player model, and I can’t find it anywhere. Any Ideas?