Using sound.Add as a soundscape

I’ve recently discovered that the Garry’s Mod workshop frowns upon text files (custom soundscape comes in the form of a text file of course).
Upon requesting some help, I was told to use sound.Add, and given documentation. However, I am at a loss as to how I am supposed to substitute a soundscape for this sound.Add.
To elaborate, I need this sound/improvised soundscape to play once I enter a certain area in the map I am working on, and I do not know how to do that.
I need the full functionality of a soundscape, but with this.
Any help is greatly appreciated.

Also, if anyone knows how I can have a sound looping and have occasional other sounds play over it (as you can in soundscapes), could someone let me know? Thanks.

I don’t know enough about sound.Add to help you on that, but it sounds to me like you are also making a custom map, in which case it is possible to include your soundscape file with the map file

Soundscapes are broken

Ah, but you see, env_soundscape is not broken. ambient_generic is broken.

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I read somewhere that you can’t pack text files into bsps. Was that wrong?

I don’t know, try it.

Euh, Packbsp looks like it’s not gonna work.

Should I use bspzip instead?

Ah sorry, I meant to link Pakrat instead.

I also tried packing it with bspzip, and it doesn’t seem to have worked. It just outputted this:

The soundscape didn’t play in game either.
Any other help? :frowning:

I basically need it to play once past a certain point, just like a soundscape.
I got directed to sound.Add by RB, but he didn’t say how it could be used like a soundscape.

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Okay, so after adding the .txt file, I extracted the bsp contents again and DID find the scripts/soundscapes_degenerate.txt file I had inserted. However, the soundscape still isn’t playing in game.