Using the ARI
I wanted to make an ARI pose since I first played Heavy Rain

Using the futuristic cerberus-updated version of the ARI (Added Reality Interface) FBI agents had since 2011, Miranda investigates a body that turned up on the merry-go-round of a human colony’s playground.

The local detective just contemplates her work, even in the future cops don’t like when someone else gets dispatched to work their precinct.

I really like the little GUI thing.

The pose and setting is shit, but the ARI GUI editing is very nice.

Thanks since that was the important thing. I even edited a little blue glow above her eyes, like the one the ARI emmits when Norman uses it

Fine, I’ll elaborate.

I really do like the ARI stuff. Very nice. I know you got it out of screenshots, but it’s difficult to isolate it.
The most frustrating thing is the camera angle. If you hold right click while moving the mouse in and out, you can eliminate the fisheye effect. You should try it, it really does make the scene feel more cinematic. Hot naked body; I’m alright with that. I don’t particularly like the map. It is probably not your fault since it’s very bland, but I don’t know. You could have added a bench or something. Who knows. Not a big deal. I don’t understand the green tint. The game had a slight tint/glow, but I don’t think it was as large in area. It looks a little strange. Model choice is something else I don’t like. Samus and Miranda is a strange combination. That’s the problem with using custom models in any screenshot by anybody, since they’re not just people; they can be recognized by the game they come from. Not a big deal, maybe you just wanted to test their big breasts. I’m way, way over-analyzing things. Only thing I think you should take from this is the camera angle and the green tint, everything else is my opinion but your “creativity”.

Truth is, those were the only available models I had since i had formatted the pc and I wans’t going to use the Hl2 citizens. I’m going to try to hold right click and see what comes up

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