Using the iPhone translator application ... or how to communicate with a Frenchman

You’ve probably seen those commercials from those phone companies where you talk into a phone and it translates what you’re saying in english into another language. Well anyways, i hate phones, so here’s a comic about them

Haha. Clever.

The Frenchman has an american flag on his shoulder.

I hate you.

You need an app to translate English into English ?

There is an app for almost doing anything now so im not suprised.

oh don’t worry, I love you <3

HAHAHAHAHAHAH. Funniest shit.

I think the font colour for the frenchman suggests it’s translated for the reader’s ease.

Or something like that.

This is too good to die this quickly.

It would be offending if it wasn’t so funny XD
Rated :slight_smile: