Using the new Fog/Sky/Sun Edit entities in Hammer? (GMod)

Hi. I’m an experienced Source engine mapper with over 2 years of experience.

I am currently designing 3 new maps, but one of them I want to use the Fog Edit, Sky Edit and Sun Edit entities to simulate a fully functional day/night cycle. However, I am unable to find proper documentation for familiarizing myself with these new Garry’s Mod entities in Hammer. And so here are my questions.

-Is it possible to integrate a fully functional day/night cycle?
-How can I use these new entities in Hammer (besides env_skypaint)?

If you’re using Garry’s Mod just use the lua script that I think it was Sgt. Sgt. used in his map. It already handles Day/Night.

Can I get a link to it? I want to check it out.

Asking on the lua section of the forums where documentation on those new entities might help. I would suggest creating your own day/night cycle, considering the new entities makes it much easier to do. I assume it gives you a lot more options as well but I do not know for sure.

Thanks. I’ll be sure to check those. And yes, I’m going to create my own cycle.

I’ve seen a couple implementations of Day Night, and I wanted to post this image (found on reddit awhile back, dont know who the author is) in case someone wanted to try to make a more realistic sun. The science is kind of neat, as well. (note the color of the sun and the hue around it)

Day/night cycle is now as simple as these few steps.

Name your light_environment.
add a env_skypaint entity to the map. Settings can stay default or you can change them. I left them default as my map starts daytime.
Set skybox to “painted”.

Then you can do neat effects like this.

In order for the day night to be automatic you need to write a script for it in Lua.

what do you do after naming your light_environment and placing a env_skypaint and doing its settings exactly

I feel like you forgot to mention a step

Almost good enough to be a wallpaper.

You run vrad.