Using the RTCamera for a TTT SWEP

At the moment I’m working on a security camera-type SWEP for Trouble in Terrorist Town, that when put down will be able to be seen from a PDA-like device.
Putting down and picking up the camera works fine, but I’m lost on how to do the actual “camera feed” part of the SWEP.
My first thought is that the best way would be to use the built-in RTCamera, if possible, but I have absolutely no idea how I could do that.
Has anybody here done anything similar, and do you have any advice?

By camera feed are you talking about a live feed or screenshots?

Screenshots could be done by grabbing the ents world pos/view/angle and then outputting that information to a DImage Panel with surface.SetMaterial.

A live feed though, not too sure myself.

Yes, a live feed.
Like the RT Camera…

Okay, I’ve made a working version of my SWEP, but unfortunately it’s not how I envisioned it.
It uses just a normal camera entity instead of a RT camera, so I have to hold a numpad key to look through the camera instead of having it set to a material on a cool little cell-phone model or something.
Is there a way I can use a normal camera entity’s view as a material for a model?

I see you’ve played Convict Gaming TTT

Never heard of it. I’m guessing they have something similar?

I think this library will be of use to you:

uses a render target that switches between the 4 cameras you can place, including latching them to peoples view, and motion triggered cameras if you right click

Interesting, might need to have a look.

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So I’ve finally finished something close to my original idea, but I’m running into even more problems…
I’ve got it so when you pull out the SWEP it has a derma panel with the rtcamera material on it, and left-clicking places the camera down.
However, since the server only has 1 rtcamera material, there’s a big problem.
If there’s more than one detective, we can’t both look at our seperate camera feeds, we both have to switch back and forth between each other’s feeds, and it’s quite confusing…
Is there any way around this?