Using torches as weapons

Good morning.

I had an awesome idea while I was doing a crap the other day.

What if, you could use torches to do damage? You could throw the torch like a F1 grenade at houses and people setting them on fire. The damage wouldn’t be OP per second, and you could pit it out by hitting it.

I think its a fun idea. Running up to someones house and throwing torches through the windows and into the walls. It would force them to come out and put out the fire… Or die a hot death.

You could use the torches as defense. Throwing them at animals… When the animal dies its already cooked? Haha. Not serious… But maybe?

Not really a good idea. Everyone offline and a bunch of idiots running around lighting houses on fire.

I’ve had some of my best ideas doing the same thing…lol…

I think it is a good idea, maybe not exactly as you explained it, but if you were to combine low grade fuel and a torch and boom, you got a Molotov cocktail.

This could be used is a poor excuse of a smoke grenade,

I don’t think you should be able to burn down huts though, how ever may cause some damage to it.

I’d like to see that.

I’d love to see people light up entire forests, but it shouldn’t actually alter the environment in any way other than damaging PCs/NPCs.