Using ULX MOTD with different urls

So my MotD displays the rules to my server, I use a web url from my website to display it. I make a javascript function on the rules page which allows me to display one of the rules bigger and different color to display it better. I want to be able to force motd on those players while adding a parameter to the end of the standard url of motd. Is there anyway for me to do this? Sorry if this isn’t the place to ask. I got it working using gui.OpenURL but it doesn’t look as good as motd.
for example I want to do something along the lines of “!rule target rule#” This will display my rules while making the rule I chose stick out more.
Thanks very much

You can use PHP to color the rule in question… You can either use _GET vars using ?key=value&key2=value2&key3=value3 at the end of the url, or _POST vars by using http Post…

Personally, I’d set up an array of keys and values being the rule title and rule data and use a foreach loop to display them while checking for _GET values to be the same as lower-case string key. That would make the code shorter and really simple to add new rules.

Okay thanks for the input, not sure thats what I really meant though. For example my rules webpage is, I want to be able to do !rule name rule# to use the motd display to open the url I got it working with opening the in game browser but I would like to get it working with the motd display. I hope I clarified this. I really do appreciate your input but didn’t really get what you said. You don’t need to do this for me but give me an idea how to do this or where to look. Like can I open the motd box on anyone with any url I chose by passing a parameter. Thanks

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