Using VIDE to pack textures into a .bsp - how??

Hi all

Everyone seems to rave on about how good VIDE is, but I have this issue with adding my textures in the pakfile lump editor: it can’t set the path correctly, and, for some reason I can’t do it manually; I have to ‘choose’ from a list of directories my textures are contained in (i’m not even sure what I’m choosing as there’s no title) and then it puts them in folders like /ox/ or /ed. I must be missing something - An extensive google search turns up literally nothing except the home page and cooking sous a vide, whatever that is. Must be french. This lack of information leads me to believe nobody else finds it difficult to use. Of course the “help” menu button contains only “about”.

Could someone please tell me how to pack my textures? What am I doing wrong?


Open up the map.
Click “Scan”
Click “Scan” again
Click “Auto”
Click “Apply”
Click “Save”

Done. Terrenteller is working on a fix for the filepath issue where it adds random stuff in before the actual filepath (AFAIK), but he’s still waiting for access to a Windows computer.

Hope this helped. If it didn’t, check out this video:

(Starts at 5:42 for what you’ll need)

fantastic, thanks :slight_smile: Still having the filepath issue though, so, guess I’ll use pakrat for now

an easy temporary fix would be making it possible to manually edit the path